Abo sa ki tin den bo kuminda?

Question mark made of peas on a white plate

Nos YDK all want to look dushi and have un body lik lik. I am always in awe of how GORGEOUS everyone looks on our dushi Korsou: hair did, nails did, makeup on point, heels, perfect crease in the pants, gai papidois ku kara tur na puiru, and goodness, is it a modeshow everyday on the island???

I am also, however, over the years increasingly amazed at of how many of us are also dangerously overweight or obese. No, I’m not talking about bootylicious, curvy or Chick Bollie Bollie: I am talking about individuals who are barely able to walk, or are in visible pain when they do so, who breathe like they just ran a marathon after they cross the Emmabrug, those who can barely walk up one flight of stairs without almost passing out.

This isn’t about body shaming

Lagami ta duidelijk: healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. This ain’t about being skinny, or fitting in a size 2. Anto sowieso nos gusta un tiki junk in the trunk, un tiki diki-heid, dankidjo, paso keremi ku aki na Merka hopi hende muhe tin problema serio ku body image paso nan no ta size 2. Na Korsou nos ta selebra nos curvesnan. Tin bia di mas.

Ring the alarm: We have a serious health crisis on our Dushi Korsou

Some sobering statistics:

  • According to a study commissioned by the Volksgezondheid Instituut Curaçao, 62.6% of men and 67.3% of women are overweight or obese
  • 16.3% of the adult population (ages 20-79) have diabetes (no breakdown available of % of type I vs Type II diabetes)
  • Incidences of dangerously high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol levels due to lifestyle and weight are common (exact numbers not available).


dailysugarlimitsSigui bebe limonada of Arizona Iced Tea tur dia. Un bleki di cola tin 39 gram di suku. Saka bo som.

Let’s Move!

Mane Michelle a bisa (Obama, my dear). Now there are plenty of gyms, crossfit places, dance classes, and public areas where you can go to get your move on na Korsou. And yes, getting at least half an hour of physical activity is the general recommendation to stay healthy, more if you want to achieve additional health benefits (including losing weight). Kemen kuminsa kana rond di SDK pa kaba. But I for one am a firm believer that there are a lot of foods and substances out there that completely hijack our health: Foods high in artificial additives that disrupt the endocrine system causing hormonal imbalances, foods high in sugar, salt and fat, Fria Banana, and pesticides.

It should be easy to avoid foods with all this crap, no? Just read the labels, you say. Ah, pero nò. They can be confusing, misleading, hard to read, hard to understand. Look at this label for an 8.5 ounce bag of Cheetos (leave me alone, I just had to):

Feeling a bit sick…

If you were to eat the whole bag (un tiki so m’a kome!), you would have eaten:

  • 90 grams of fat or 144% of your Recommended Daily Allowance, of which 13.5 grams of saturated fat or 72% of your RDA


  • 2,250 mg of sodium (aka salt), or 90% of your RDA

Dushi yu (not).


Suku. Public Enemy Numero Uno. Still, it’s hidden in EVERYTHING. Even in those McDonald’s fries (remember: sugar, salt, fat, the unholy trinity invented by the food industry to get us addicted to shitty foods).

Plus, did you know that there are over 60 names for sugar? Good luck if you’re trying to cut your sugar intake.


Same goes for salt, a.k.a sodium, MSG, brine, sodium chloride, sodium benzoate, mi sigui?


Several pesticides are known endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, allergens, or adversely affect the nervous system among other things.

So for the next time you’re going grocery shopping, remember: shop the periphery of your supermarket, avoid the middle aisles that are full of pre-packaged crap, buy local, and when possible buy organic.

Papia ku mi: Kon ABO ta tene e body lik lik?