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We are all in this life to accomplish a mission. If you want to live by the guidelines of your religion or think your mission is to be a hardworking housewife, so be it. Own your position and live life, because the last breath will come unexpectedly. My mission in life is simple: I want to collect and share stories that enlighten people. I want to show the world (and I’m not looking for approval) that everything is possible if you are willing to make sacrifices.

After graduating I dreamed of an easy going life in Madrid. Everything was planned and settled. Back then it felt like the perfect move, until a friend from university convinced me to apply for a teaching job in Shanghai. I applied and several months later I entered mainland China. Back in my mind I knew I wouldn’t last long, but to my big surprise I did. I lived for more than one-year in Shanghai, the city of opportunity.

The first months were a pain in the ass, because I was homesick. After six months, I finally started to get used to the environment, yet I struggled with this question: Is it worth to stay? I chose to stay and I learned a lot about the Chinese culture by interacting with Chinese people. China is big and it has plenty of diversity. Therefore I am thankful that I had the privilege to experience the true beauty of China through the eyes of Chinese people. Being a woman of color in China is a quite interesting experience, because they will stare at you especially when you go to the touristic places and the countryside. You will find Chinese people whom are not from the city staring because you are a foreigner. I have travelled to the countryside of China where I met people who had never met a person of color before. They wanted to touch my hair, because they weren’t familiar with my texture. It becane annoying at times, but being used to looking different in the Western world, taught me to deal with people who stare and ask questions about my appearance. Family is important in our culture (which I agree with) and being far away is tough, because you lose a lot of control. Being in China made me often wonder if the money and experience was worth losing quality time with my family and friends. Not only on Christmas (and other festivities), but also when crisis hits me and my inner circle. Patience becomes your best friend and distance the enemy in the unlucky times..

During my stay I learned to appreciate the Netherlands (where I grew up). In 2016 I moved back to support my family. Being back in my comfort zone made me want to run back to Shanghai. Back to that mysterious place that was so full of surprises. I moved to China without any expectations. The funny thing about China is that everybody had something negative to say. Ironically, none of them had ever set foot in the country. I want to be surrounded by open minded people and I don’t want to be attached to one place or one culture. The world is huge and there are many places that I still have to discover. The world is full of great and lovely people to exchange experiences with and I met several in China. It’s a pity, because society forces us to want to be alike. I am an individual and I don’t want to be a part of that society. I hope to break the long life chain of judgements, encourage people around me to think and be different. To stand up tall and fight for the freedom of thinking and being instead of being oppressed, because: TUR KOS TA POSSIBEL!

Guestblogger Chañury Lacroes


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